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Multi-disciplined Team

A multi-disciplined engineering team tackles each project with commitment and professionalism, working to international engineering standards like ASME, API, AS, etc. At Hamsa, you will not find a company working to sell you a system. Instead, you will discover an organization that partners with you to engineer sustainable solutions.


Making every plant that we build, perform as specified is a sacred goal at Hamsa. We are proud of our ‘in the trenches’ experience and believe that this approach is what gives us our success, globally. We believe that we own every plant that we build and this is reflected in the support that we give our clients on a continuous basis. 

Start-up, Commissioning & Operator Training:

Start-up, Commissioning and Operator training is a critical phase in the business cycle of a continuous plant and Hamsa is keenly aware of this. Its success is paramount as it marks the beginning of our clients’ commercial success and reflects the advantage of having Hamsa as the technology partner.

Hamsa only sends out its very best for this job. We select a multi-disciplined team of engineers and technicians, as appropriate for the requirement, to any corner of the world for start-up, commissioning and any post commissioning requirement. Operator training in the operation and maintenance of our plants is built into this process and on-going support in operation is available from our office at the click of a few buttons – the client’s operating screen can be pulled down at our office and on-going advice given to plant operating personnel.

Our teams have commissioned plants from Australia to the U.S.A. and everywhere in-between.

Relationships Matter:

In Hamsa, you will find an organization that will work with you for you to succeed, every step of the way. You can contact us, round the clock.

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