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Hamsa along with its technology partner can bring you the most up-to-date hydrotreaters. This system can include advanced features such as amine hydrogen recovery systems to reduce hydrogen consumption, and we can include low cost electrolytic hydrogen generators as well. The cost of our hydrotreaters is very reasonable due to our ability to manufacture and assemble them in our own manufacturing shops.

A hydrotreating unit upgrades:

  • Distillates from used oils to produce mainly base oils of high quality (Group II+);

  • Various slops and low value products of crude oil refineries (paraffinic, aromatic), for the production of fuels and lubricants.

The hydrogen treating process takes place at a very high pressure of 100 atm. The products are either very high quality base oils (Group II, Group III) or very low sulphur gas oils (<50 ppm).

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