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Solvent Recovery from Waste Streams

Hamsa can design and build advanced systems to recover useable, clean solvents. Our system can recover the usable solvent from the waste, then clean and prepare the product for reuse by the factory which generates it. This saves the client money in solvent purchases, waste disposal, and environmental and public health liability. Our systems will include thin film and forced circulation evaporators plus fractionation columns operating at pressure or under vacuum.

Solvents we recover:

• Mineral Spirits
• Ethylene Glycol
• Propylene Glycol
• N Methyl Pyrrollidone
• Dimethyl Sulfoxide
• Acetone
• Ethyl Alcohol
• Iso Propanol
• Methyl Alcohol
• Acetates
• Limonene
• Many others

Coastline Chemicals - Solvent Recovery S
Coastline Chemicals - Solvent Recovery S
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Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Inc., Virginia, USA
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