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Barrel Cleaning

The paint, adhesives, coatings, chemicals & pharmaceutical industries use standard barrels for the storage of raw material and (or) products. These barrels need to be cleaned thoroughly before reuse, to prevent contamination of certain material by others. Also, these barrels need to necessarily be reused in order to conserve financial resources.


‘Barrel cleaning’ is therefore a critical operation in such processing plants. The greater the number of barrels that can be cleaned in the shortest possible time, the higher is the productivity & efficiency of the plant’s operations.


Cleaning such barrels is most often accomplished using cleaning solvents. The used solvent also needs to be effectively cleaned to enable reuse and prevent unnecessary expenditure on its procurement.


Thus, a Barrel Cleaning System is an investment that is geared to boost productivity and operational efficiency.


Hamsa Environmental Solutions offers tested and proven systems that have over the past several years, been successfully operating in paint & chemical manufacturing majors in the country. Years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning such systems has augmented our expertise and deepened our insight into this application.

PPG Asian Paints, Gujarat, India
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