Hamsa - the celestial Swan that separates elixir from water - has a vision of bringing under one umbrella, multiple technologies to separate useful components from petroleum and other industrial wastes, making waste management not just an environment mitigation act but a sound business process. Hamsa builds waste management projects on a turn-key basis and handles projects that will deal with petroleum, chemical and other industrial wastes. The company works with generators, collectors, aggregators and others that set-up projects to manage such wastes and will integrate several technologies to provide a comprehensive solution.


Petroleum wastes such as used motor oil, slop oil, oily water; solvent waste streams in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, industrial waste water, particulate and gaseous air emissions are some of the forms of wastes that require to be dealt with. Globally, there are multiple technologies that deal with specific wastes or that specialize in specific processes. Hamsa proposes to integrate appropriate technologies into workable, feasible, end-to-end solutions. By pursuing its conviction that an environmental solutions project can be a profit centre,








Hamsa is committed to improving the earth, one business at a time.


...improving the earth, one business at a time






These applications are only typical and not limiting - the vision is to integrate specific processes
into a complete system and source the technology / process to suit the requirement.



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Reboilers & Coolers;

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Bitumen Port facility; Used Lube Oil Re-refining System; Picton, Western Australia

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Automated Barrel Cleaning System;
Gujarat, India

Currently, Hamsa is executing a complete used lube oil re-refinery consisting of a distillation section, solvent extraction system & regenerative media lube polishing system for an end-user in Costa Rica.


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